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used_tobe's Journal

Jess Oakley Corrigan
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Full name: Jess Oakley Corrigan
Birthdate: March 18th 1979
Age: 28
Hometown: Boston, Mass.
Current Residence: Boston, Mass.
Personality: Comedy
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Parents: Sybil and William Corrigan
Siblings: Three Sisters, Four Brothers. Jamie, Susan, Wilma, William Jr., Ken, Pete, Sully
Significant Other: Widowed; Beth Corrigan
Best Friend: Sully Corrigan
Nicknames: Jessy, J, Oak, Corrigan

Jess Corrigan has a girls name but he surely aint a girl. He was married when he was 18 years old to his high school sweetheart who died in childbirth four years later. He's been alone sense then, working as an photographer in his hometown of Boston, Mass. He lives with his younger brother Sully whose really his best friend. The big family drives him crazy but he loves them all to death. He used to be a high school art teacher but the death of his wife caused him to start drinking. He used to be an alcoholic, he used to be optimistic, he used to be a lot of things.

Now he just tends to spend his time when he's not taking pictures he's frequenting this bookstore that's next door to this porn shop. Really he'd be frequenting the porn shop just to see the woman who works there if he didn't think it'd probably be a turn off to always be in a porn shop. The book store is cool though and he likes the owner, who, as it turns out is married to the porn-shop girls brother. So it works out. Porn-shop girl is just ... different and he likes her. She reminds him of someone he's not sure he's ever met. Plus how cool does a chick have to be to own a porn shop?

He's recently applied to be a foster parent. He knows it's possible they'll just turn him down since he's got a record and because he's not married but it's worth a shot. He likes helping kids and he's tired of seeing kids in the system on the streets when he takes his camera around the city. He hopes they'll approve him.

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